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This page contains links to a collection of recordings of talks by our members and visiting monks and teachers.

2018 Unhindered Book Group Talks

As a supplement to our study of Gil Fronsdal's book, Unhindered, these talks were presented at our Tuesday night program hour.

Heather Martin, February 2017 Non-Residential Retreat at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall in Bellingham

Ayya Santusikka, Breaking the Chain: Focusing on the Weakest Links in the Chain of Dependent Origination and the Way to Nibbana

These recordings are from a Friday night public Dharma talk and a weekend non-residential retreat at Red Cedar Hall, Bellingham, November 11th, 12th and 13th, 2016.

  • Friday evening's public talk
  • Saturday Morning's talk opening the retreat and introducing the subject
  • Saturday Morning's second talk
  • Saturday Afternoon's talk explaining the Transcendental Chain of Dependent Origination (Samyutta Nikaya 12.23, the Upanisa Sutta)
  • Saturday afternoon's final talk and overnight assignment
  • Sunday morning's talk
  • Sunday afternoon's talk.. (Names referred to in the talk: Maha Ghosananda, Mae Chee Kaew, Upasika Kee Nanayon, Ajaan Mahabua.)

Steve Armstrong and Alexis Santos, Through Dhamma Eyes: Training in Awareness and Wisdom, June 2016

Here are recordings from a weekend non-residential retreat at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall in Bellingham, June 24th through 26th, 2016.

Jill Shepherd, Wisdom and Compassion, January 2016

These recordings are from Jill Shepherd's weekend non-residential retreat at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall in Bellingham, January 22nd through 24th, 2016. The retreat's theme was the Brahma Viharas.

Santidhammo Bhikkhu, November 2015

Venerable Santidhammo is an American Buddhist monk in the Theravada tradition based at Wat Atammayatarama Monastery in Woodinville. His talk on November 2nd was on balancing engagement and activism in the world with the spiritual life.

John Fries, October 2015 - "Tinnitus: An Appreciation"

John is a member of BIMS Teaching Corps. He gave this Dharma talk on his experience with tinnitus, ringing in the ears, on October 27th.

Claire Stanley, March 2015

Claire is the guiding teacher of Vermont Insight Meditation Center in Brattleboro, Vermont. She is also cofounder of the Center for Mindful Inquiry. This recording is from a Dharma talk on Embodying Compassion given at BIMS on Tuesday March 31st.

Heather Martin, February 2015

These are recordings from a two-day non-residential retreat at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall in Bellingham.

Friday evening, February 13th, Heather gave a public Dharma talk. The talk has been broken into seven parts to reduce the download time of each segment.

Dharma talks from the weekend are linked here.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu, September 2014

The residential retreat with Thanissaro Bhikku (Ajahn Geoff) at Red Cedar Hall on September 13th and 14th was recorded. For faster download the recordings for each session have been broken into segments, each of approximately 30 minutes in length. They can be heard using the links below:

The 20 page study guide used during this retreat is available as a PDF file here.

Heather Martin and Pascal Auclair, April 2014

Four evening Dharma talks were recorded at the April Camp Samish retreat with Heather and Pascal. They can be heard using the links below:

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