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Monday Feb 8 at 6:30 am. Morning Meditation: .

Tuesday Feb 9 at 6:30 am. Morning Meditation: .

Tuesday Feb 9 at 7:00 pm. Meditation: Tuesday Evening Meditation.

Tuesday Feb 9 at 8:00 pm. Dharma Talk: Mindfulness of Breathing.

Wednesday Feb 10 at 6:30 am. Morning Meditation: .

Thursday Feb 11 at 6:30 am. Morning Meditation: .

Thursday Feb 11 at 6:00 pm. Tai Chi: .

Friday Feb 12 at 6:30 am. Morning Meditation: .

Saturday Feb 13 at 9:00 am. Saturday Sit-In: Saturday Sit-In. Red Cedar Dharma Hall

Sunday Feb 14 at 8:30 am. Sangha Mamas: Sangha Mamas. Red Cedar Dharma Hall

Monday Feb 15 at 6:30 am. Morning Meditation: .


Tuesday Mar 1 at 6:00 pm. Orientation to Insight Meditation. Red Cedar Dharma Hall

Tuesday Apr 5 at 6:00 pm. Orientation to Insight Meditation. Red Cedar Dharma Hall

Tuesday May 3 at 6:00 pm. Orientation to Insight Meditation. Red Cedar Dharma Hall


Welcome to Bellingham Insight

Bellingham Insight Meditation Society (BIMS) supports meditation and practice in the Buddhist Theravada tradition. We do not have a single guiding teacher. Rather, we are a sangha-led community. We bring in regional and national teachers, including monastics, for residential and non-residential retreats. Our weekly programs are facilitated by senior members in coordination with our Board and Program Committee.

Insight meditation is a simple and direct practice, the moment-to-moment investigation of the mind/body process through calm and focused awareness. Learning to observe experience from a place of stillness enables one to relate to life with less fear and clinging. Seeing life as a constantly changing process, one begins to accept pleasure, pain, fear, joy and all aspects of life with increasing equanimity and balance. As insight deepens, wisdom and compassion arise. This practice is sometimes called "vipassana", which is a Pali word for insight.

Our address is: Red Cedar Dharma Hall, 1021 N. Forest Street.


BIMS Winter Practice Period

BIMS began its annual practice period on Tuesday, February 2nd. Our practice period is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Buddhist path and to more fully integrate practice into our daily life.

The theme for this year is the First Foundation of Mindfulness. Each Tuesday evening for 6 weeks there will be a dharma talk on one aspect of the First Foundation (Mindfulness of the Body), followed by small group discussions. Recordings of the Dharma talks, notes and references are on the Resources/Practice Period page.

Check the calendar for each Tuesdays topic and presenter.

We hope to see you at the Hall.


March 28-April 4 Residential Retreat with Heather and Pascal

BIMS invites you to a meditation retreat with Heather Martin and Pascal Auclair, March 28-­April 4, 2016 on Samish Island, Washington.

Heather and Pascal describe the theme of the retreat the Wise Heart this way: "The mind and the heart

are not separate: when we understand, we care about each other. When we care, we can understand each other. As our minds clear and settle, our heart soften and open. The mutually inclusive natural unfolding enables us to experience the liberating insights which nourish, uplift and ultimately free us. This 'Wise Heart' is what we'll explore and cultivate during our silent days together in this beautiful setting."

Cost:  $450.00 (U.S. Funds), plus Dana to Teacher

Information and registration are available on this flyer.


January 24 & 25 Retreat at the Hall with Jill Shepherd

Jill Shepherd will lead a non-residential retreat with us at the Red Cedar Hall on January 23rd and 24th, 2016.

She will also give a talk on Friday night at the Hall from 7-9 PM. All are invited, whether you are registered for the retreat or not.

During this retreat we will explore the four brahmaviharas: meditation practices which develop kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), joy (mudita), and equanimity (upekka). We will use a variety of different approaches to understand the ways these qualities support and reinforce each other and how, when they are balanced with meditation practice, deeper happiness and peace of mind is the natural result. Most of each day will be spent practicing silent sitting and walking meditation, with some guided meditation instructions and opportunities for individual and group meetings with the teacher.

The retreat flyer and registration form can be found at this link.


Ajahn Ritthi to Visit BIMS on Tuesday, Dec. 1st


Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery (aka "Wat Atam," the monastery in Woodinville where Ajahn Santi is based) has been moving ahead with plans to establish a new meditation retreat center right here in Whatcom County. The abbot of Wat Atam, Ajahn Ritthi, will be in the area next Tuesday to look at a potential site for the center and will join us at the Hall for our Tuesday evening program.

After our 7:00 pm meditation, Ajahn Ritthi will share his vision for this exciting project and answer any questions we may have.

We hope you will join us!


Two Audio Recordings from Recent Dharma Talks

Recordings of two recent talks given on Tuesday evenings at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall are now available. John Fries' talk on "Tinnitus and Appreciation" from October 27th and Santidhammo Bhikkhu's "Balancing Engagement and the Spiritual Life" from November 2nd can be found on the Recorded Audio/Video page of this website.


Gratitude workshop Nov 10 after the sit

Partake in some simple gratitude exercises, based on Joanna Macys work. Led by Mary Haberman, who had the privilege of participating in a day long workshop with Joanna Macy last April.


Presentation on Jhamtse Gatsal School in India Nov 17

Join BIMS member Jeannie Dodd (a school counselor) and Jackie Brown (a Bellingham first grade teacher) who will talk about their summer travels to Jhamtse Gatsal School in India. The school was featured in the film Toshi and the Monk. The monk is a Tibetan monk who started this community for unwanted and uncared for kids. Their volunteer work included evaluating how the community and school is able to turn around the lives of these kids, using compassion and Buddhist based methods. Please join us Nov 17 at 8 after the meditation.


Teen and 20s Group

The meetings are suspended for the time being. If you would like to help revive the group, please contact Mary Haberman.


New library catalog - Wow!

Chris Burkhart and Karen Ssebanakitta just completed cataloging all of the books in the Dharma Hall library! They used a site called It is impressive! Go look at it for yourself.

It is linked from the Library page in the Resource section of this web site.


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